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20 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers Size 24+

In my experience, one of the best things about plus size blogging is connecting with women who I can relate to, but I’ve always found it hard to find women who were my size (28) blogging. Last week I sent a call out on Twitter asking to be introduced to more blogs that featured fashionable women size 24+. I quickly realized that a lot of people on Twitter wanted to know the same, so I set out to find as many fashion bloggers in that size range as I could. I also quickly realized that “size” is hard to determine (my closet has clothes from size 22-30!), so I emailed and sought permission from all of the following bloggers. With a great number of plus-size lines ending at size US 22/24, I find myself sometimes feeling very limited within plus-size fashion, so seeing all of the bloggers below was amazingly inspiring and exciting. After looking at them all, fashion size 24+ doesn’t seem as limiting as I sometimes think of it. Some of these bloggers were ones I’ve known about for years, and some were new to me. I hope you find some great new blogs to follow or some old ones to get reacquainted with

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